One stop destination for a wide range of Measuring Instruments and Testing Instruments like Dial Vernier Caliper,Height Gauge.

An Authorized Dealer of,
  • Mitutoyo, Insize, Yamayo, Aerospace, Precision, Forbs..for Precision Measuring Tools
  • Baker, Hip, Graphica, Teico, Truthread Quality Master..for Thread/Plain/Pin/Ring Snap Gauges
  • Luthra, Jafuji, Graph Datum..for Mag. Stand, Surfaceplate, V -Block
  • Lutron, Raytek, Metrix Time...for Coating, Sound, Temp. Vibration, Air Velocity
  • Kristeel Shinwa...for Rules and Gauges
  • Groz..for Hand Tools & Vices
  • AA, Electrophysik, Elcometer...for Coating.

About Us

Bearing & Tool Centre is a leading exporter, service provider, supplier and trader of Measuring Instruments and Testing Instruments. Established in 1981, we have earned immense popularity and strengthened our hold in the market, characterized with cut-throat competition.

Our Products

We are a renowned exporter and supplier of the products enumerated below:

Mitutoyo, Insize, Yamayo, Aerospace, Precision, Forbs for Precision Measuring Tools
Electronic Height Gauge Universal Bevel Protactor Bevel Edge Try Square
Telescope Gauge Test Indicator Dial Bore Gauge
Magnetic Stand Slip Gauge Set Precision Level
Groove Gauge Portable Hardness Tester Outside Micrometer
Vernier Caliper Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper Dial Vernier Caliper
Vernier Depth Gauge

Baker, Hip, Graphica, Teico, Truthread Quality Master for Thread/Plain/Pin/Ring Snap Gauges
Thread Gauge Thread Plug Gauge Thread Ring Gauge
AA, Electrophysik, Elcometer for Coating
Coat Meter Coat Measure Coat Gauge/Coat Test
Lutron, Raytek, Metrix Time for Coating, Sound, Temp. Vibration, Air Velocity
Vibration Meter Humidity Meter Sound Level Meter
Tacho Meter PH Meter DCA/ACA Clamp Meter
Light Meter Anemo Meter Stroboscope
Infrared Thermometer Ultrasonic Thickness Hardness Tester
BTC Brand
Surface Plate Dial Thickness Gauge Buzzer

We undertake modifications in vernier gauges & bore gauges.

We Calibrate

Blue Micron Calibration Centre (Simple, Dial, Electronic); Height Gauge (Simple, Dial, Electronic); Vernier Depth Gauge (Simple, Dial, Electronic); Inside Micrometer (Tube, Rod & Jaw Type); Depth Micrometer; Plunger Dial; Dial Test Indicator; Dial Thickness Gauge (L.C. - 0.01 mm); Bore Gauge; Measuring Scale; Measuring Tape; Plug Gauge; Wire Gauge (Round/Rectangle).

We Repair

RELIEF SERVICE CENTRE (Removal of Jaw Error, Bore Gauge, Extension & Instruments Modifications and Spares).

Quality.....Our Assurance

We do not make any compromises on the quality of our products and upgrade them on a regular basis. Stern quality checks are conducted by us at every level, right from the initial manufacturing phase till the packaging stage. These checks are at par with the national and international standards and thus, there remains no room for even the slightest of defects.

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